Instructional Design Personal Learning Communities

As part of my coursework as I work towards obtaining a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Technology from Walden University, I have been reviewing blogs on the topic of Instructional Design.  Throughout this process, I was fascinated by just how many seemingly high quality blogs there are which have vast resources and articles on the topic.  In fact, I found myself getting a bit side-tracked as I scoured through resources, particularly on a website hosted at, an incredibly rich resource for education related blogs.  One blog which is hosted there that caught my eye was

It is hosted by Clarity Consultants, a leading provider of educational consulting to Fortune 500 companies.  It provides a rich resource of perspectives in dealing with a broad spectrum of organizations as they seek to design learning resources.

Another source of learning which I found very insightful, hosted at, is created and curated by Faculty Instructional Services at DePaul University.  It has been named one of the 50 must-read IT blogs in higher education by EdTech Magazine.  I found very practical advice relating the intent of integrating technology platforms and processes to the logistical aspects involved in training and equipping educators with the tools necessary to accomplish applying such endeavors in a classroom environment.  The blog contributors seem to largely be practicing Instructional Designers, and bring a relatable style of content and advice.

A third resource I found that will certainly be a helpful reference to which I regularly return is a blog hosted by Annette Rogers, an active Instructional Designer working on her PhD.  Her blog is hosted at:

These are just a few of the numerous online resources which help bring clarity to the challenges, skills, techniques and realities in the field of Instructional Design.  My primary goal in this regard is to grow my own personal learning community through the use of web-based resources including blogs.  Happy reading!