Google Forms Available in the Template Gallery

One of the most valuable tools I use in the classroom setting numerous times throughout any school day, is Google Forms and Spreadsheets.  Google has done a superb job of allowing you to create a database of information without designing the spreadsheet, but rather designing a simple form to collect information.  At this point, there are at least 15 different key uses of Google Forms that I utilize, and have submitted most of those to the template gallery so that you can grab and use those for yourself without having to redesign the forms.  Here is a list of those currently available in the template gallery. (NOTE: You will want/ need to log in to google drive to view and “save” these templates for your own use)

Release Form (Allowing students to be picked up by selected individuals)

Medical Permissions Form

Lesson Plan Sample

Grade Quick Entry Form

Registration Document Checklist

Tardy Form

Petty Cash Form

Behavior Record Form

I will be adding more links to this post in the coming days, so if you don’t see the one you were hoping to grab, check back soon or simply head over to the questionnaire to let me know what I am missing.  Thanks for the feedback!  Also, feel free to use these forms as a starting point.  Modify as needed, and if you come up with something great, please share it with me!