Cognitivism Revisited

As I progress through my Masters Degree course that explores different learning theories and instructional styles, I would like to briefly revisit some of the views I expressed early on in this course.  I initially shared that my learning philosophies most closely aligns with the theory of Cognitivism.  The reason I stated this, is that I tend to focus on the process for learning as opposed to eliciting any particular behavior or outcome.  I have found over the course of this class, however, that the theory of Connectivism also closely aligns with my natural style and approach.  I like to have a social learning experience as much as I like my students to have a social experience, but particularly a social experience that relies on the knowledge of a learner’s personal network.  It seems like a natural fit for the classroom environment in order to deeply engage students.

Additionally, I have learned over the course of study that we may tend to naturally align with more than one specific learning theory.  Things are never as neat and tidy as we may like them to be.  We may be inclined to have Behaviorist tendencies as we try to elicit a particular response from our students, but also highly value social interactions (Social Learning Theory) within our classroom.

In my own learning, technology is central.  As I recently purchased an iPad Pro, I am endeavoring to let it serve as a laptop replacement.  Perhaps one of the more difficult scenarios in that endeavor is the course for which I am writing this post.  It requires a rather diverse set of digital interactions.  Today alone as I explored resources for the course, I found a site which requires Flash (not present on an iPad), I needed to update and finalize a Word document (I don’t have an account to be able to do this on my iPad), and so I resorted to using my laptop.  This experience of hopping devices and platforms highlighted for me the centrality of technology in my own learning.

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