Scope Creep

You don’t have to spend much time in the education arena before you realize just how convoluted projects can become.  Whether you are assisting with a technology implementation or helping design a dismissal process, the simple fact that schools are generally underfunded and therefore under supported creates a reality that every project unearths undiscovered needs[…]

Communication Interpretations

As a component of my EDUC 6145 course from Walden University, in which I am presently enrolled as I pursue a masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology, we are exploring the impact of different forms of communication.  This week, we were asked to evaluate the same message delivered in a variety of mediums.  First[…]

Perceptions of Distance Learning

This week in my EDUC 6135 course I am completing at Walden University, we addressed the issue of perception of distance learning institutions in contrast to brick-and-mortar institutions.  One of the elements involved in the weekly activities included creating and distributing a survey aimed at gathering feedback from peers not presently enrolled at Walden University,[…]

New Mind Map-2

Distance Learning

Distance Learning has certainly changed significantly over the years.  While it originated over 150 years ago (Laureate Education), it once meant simply subscribing to mail order content to consume information.  Distance Learning has obviously progressed far beyond that point, and continues to change as new technologies and innovations are made available.  My concept for Distance[…]


The Master Plan!

So, lets assume for just a minute that you are “buying in” to the Design Thinking concept, and you want to get started revolutionizing your classroom for the better!  You might find yourself asking…..”Where do I start?”  We have all been there, and will continue to be there as long as we are innovating.  So,[…]