improving schools one system at a time

BDS Topical highlights

Key educational improvement topics

Classroom Design

As research routinely indicates that students not only learn better but enjoy learning more when met with an inviting and modern setting, a central focus of BDS is reimagining what a modern and effective learning environment looks like, and then sourcing materials in the most affordable ways.

Systems Design

As we all stand to learn from one another, sharing ideas is great, but what’s even more powerful is sharing the systems that help make the ideas a reality! A key focus of BDS is helping to identify, document, and share those critical systems.

Professional Growth & Connections

Through an intentionally designed process of growth and development, a central focus of BDS is assisting administrators and educators alike in the process of reimagining their educational setting, creating a strategic plan, implementing, and reiterating to continuously seek improvement.

By Design School's Mission

What we do and why we do it
Focusing on design, systems, and educator professional development

In 2010, when Aaron Long initially conceived By Design Schools, it was with a focus on improving classroom and school designs to meet the opportunities afforded through the integration of technology in the classroom setting and how it impacts the interactions of educators and their students. Along with the integration of technology, the implementation of collaboration spaces and formats takes center stage in the research and application of redesign. Secondly, By Design Schools focuses on the best practices involved in creating a PD experience for educators that deeply impacts the culture and direction of schools. Furthermore, in all aspects of By Design Schools efforts, a Design Thinking approach is taken. That is, iterations are evaluated and improved upon to best meet the ever-changing demands and opportunities of our modern education setting.

  • School Physical Design Impact

    Impact on student performance by percent

  • % of Employees who leave their job

    Over a lack of training or learning opportunities

  • Greater likelihood of organization being a leader in industry

    When strong PD culture is present

  • % of students who report a moderate to exceptional increase in engagement

    When learning in a modern classroom

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Our Team

If you share a passion for improving schools and would like to contribute to the effort, please contact Aaron.
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Aaron Long

Founder, Project Manager
Aaron Long serves as the current 6th Grade homeroom teacher and JH Math teacher at Burton Adventist Academy. Additionally, Aaron serves in a facilitation role in the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists as he orchestrates a technology implementation program in coordination with the Texas Conference which aims to guide and assist schools throughout Texas along the path of technology planning and improvement. Aaron is also presently working to complete his MS in Instructional Design and Technology which he is on track to do in April, 2017.

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